Leftwich is a bond that pushes the duo into the depths of creativity, where each facet of every song is deeply stained with emotion. With a pop approach to hooks, combined with stunning dissonance, Elijah and Lex are able to lure the listener in with plush familiarity, giving way to unexpected melancholy.  

Both coming from the Nashville music scene, Leftwich stands out as a singular artistic vision, displaying a conscious lack of apathy. “It’s not anything but us,” says Lex of their sound. “What it says about our perspective is that we are highly emotionally driven, neurotic individuals with an insatiable desire to create reflective, nostalgic melodies together.”  

Their debut single, “On a Roll (In The Cold),” was mixed by Grammy-nominated Jorge Elbrecht (Japanese Breakfast, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Ariel Pink), and mastered by Grammy-nominated Heba Kadry (Gargage, Beach House, Björk).